struHey! Wait don’t criticize me yet I know my name is Tomi, but can’t everybody want me *grins*… I’m going somewhere please just calm down…

This is actually my story, there was a point in my life that all I wanted was people to always want me and when I mean people I mean ‘guys’, that period I hated Snow white, because each time I looked into the mirror and say ‘mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all’ it gives me some snow white lame stories…

And then the tides turned, the mirror suddenly started screaming my name ‘TOMI’ , sometimes I even had to tell that mirror to shut up, ‘Snow white might kill herself you know’…lol… it got to the stage I had what I wanted “every guy wanted Tomi” it felt good at some point and then suddenly I realized I wasn’t even enough for them because they keep leaving somehow and they were never enough for me because I keep leaving. Why?

You see ‘Tomi’ is a Yoruba statement in Nigeria that means ‘Enough for Me’ so let’s rephrase the title of this piece as

EVERYBODY WANTS ENOUGH FOR ME (HIS/HERSELF). So you see it wasn’t really all about me *raised eyebrow*… I just seem to sniff out our desires; we always seem to want enough of everything, like do we ladies ever get satisfied with them reigning bags, clothes and all of that stuff… I wonder… or do guys ever get satisfied of staring at beautiful ladies… It’s not our fault though, if you are a lady please blush with me *blushes*…

This is what I’m trying to say, we’ve got enough at the moment to have enough for the next moment and we don’t realize that we actually have enough but we always crave for more which automatically trashes away the enough that we already have. Don’t get it twisted, in simple sentence I mean we don’t always have to crave for enough of more when we have enough to open doors for more. What you think is not enough is just enough to get some more, at the end of the day the cravings we have makes us misuse what we already have and it’s a non-stop craving, you never get satisfied. It’s not like what we think is going to be enough is ever going to be enough, it just goes right on and on.

So I learnt something, everyone wanted me but I did not get to satisfy them enough and I also wanted them but they did not also satisfy me enough, they probably had their ‘babes’, I probably had mine *I don’t have a longer throat now* but it was just a feeling we all wanted to fulfill and this feeling made most of them loose what they had and made me loose mine too ‘so 50/50 God no vex’ *in British accent* lol… feelings don’t germinate nothing, they come and go, they flirt with you like prostitutes, they aint faithful to you anyways… so I turned back at the mirror and I’m like, please call Snow white for all I care I could give you a mic you know…

So the truth is nothing ever seems enough outside God! The moment you begin to feel like it’s not enough, you have probably walked out of the throne room. I mean Elijah used water to get the fire ‘that guy is a stunt man, men’… but seriously that seem to me to be nothing close to enough to make a fire! I mean that’s ludicrous water and fire *who does that*, but you see when we submit to God there’s an exchange. When you begin to see things as not being enough you forget the One who is enough “God”… don’t leave substance and chase shadows.

I know sometimes we can be anxious for so many things especially me *cleans sweat*, but anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its troubles but it empties today of its strength to handle ‘the tomorrow’. It doesn’t make you escape the evil, it makes you unfit to overcome it when it comes ‘offenses shall come’ worrying is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do, but will never get you anywhere, so what’s the point?

Yoke up with God, think of your relationship with God as pizza with everything on it that’s when you can always really have a sense of fulfillment of having enough (Tomi). When you surrender to Him everything surrenders to you. Enjoy the ‘maximum of God’.

I was supposed to have written this two days back, I was a little below the weather and then the Holy Spirit was like, this was the conversation:

“It doesn’t work for me, you got to write this”

Me: hey I need my body to be alright to write

“Don’t give me that rhyme I just need your spirit your body will automatically yield”

Me: woops!

So this is it, I also need you to comment and contribute that way I can delve into the arsenals of greatness that is inside of you…*pulls keg ready for tapping*…lol

Love you always! *smile*

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Hey you! *smiles* I Just got out of the bathroom, feeling cool too, so I thought of you, just wanna drop some hotlines in your spirit man that I’m also working on God help me because God talk without God act is nonsense! *preach*…

So I’m staring at the mirror at the moment, makeup all cleaned *smh… so much difference…lol, not much though *grins*, so I got an inspiration from the mirror so I decided to title this our gist;


…no makeup or additives, just truth…


Featured image

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m up to, *cleans sweat*, I don’t know myself, but this is what I know and I’m still knowing… “LIGHT HOUSES DON’T RING BELLS AND FIRE CANONS TO CALL ATTENTION TO THEIR SHINNING- THEY JUST SHINE! *winks*… YOU JUST SHINE!

I was thinking, I did not make any effort to work on the mirror to reflect me, I just sat there and it just did… but hey! Wait a minute oh… it reflected me, so if I was still on makeup it would have still shown right?

*stands up, I‘ll be right back please…*


So sorry I’m back! Guess what I went to do *covers face*…, I went to change clothes from my church wear, wanted to feel much more relaxed, but you know I came right back to the front of the mirror and guess what it’s still me I saw just with a different wear. Lol

So after all this drama, with a jib of contention, I just conclude that whatever you are or who you are just reflects without effort, so I’m asking you and I, what are we allowing to reflect???… “You and I are a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden…” so what sup with our city? How does it look? we can’t be hidden, remember… So you are a city, a mobile city…wow! You dispense at every movement, so what’s in a city? Why is a city called a city?

A city;

  • Is a place where many people live together- how do you treat the people in your city “life”?
  • A city has many buildings and streets- what are the monuments of ideas, creativity, visions and goals that lights up your city?
  • It has houses or apartments for many people to live- how accommodating are you? can people safely live in the words you dish out to them, does it have security “I mean is it word based”?
  • Shops where they may buy things- hey! Can I buy “get” qualities from you that will propel me to build my own city right?
  • And a government organization- how do you govern the affairs of your life, what are your principles that you constantly LIVE, not just say? God gave power to the world, but gave authority to the church “YOU”, Authority directs and tells power what to do; authority manages and executes power, so how do you use your authority?

Many people live in cities because it is easy for them to find and do things they want there…is that how your city is? Remember only you can’t live in a city… excuse me that’s some boring tale I don’t wanna recount in heaven. The sizes of cities can be very different, this depends on the type of city that is. So how do you want it? Big, small, medium… the hill you are on which is Christ, is large enough to accommodate any size you want it to be, just let it shine; let it reflect positively #Selah#.

Locate your city in the right country which is “kingdom”, the kingdom of God, no need to borrow airtime there though…hahaha… full bar, free calls… awoof plenty plenty…lol

The truth is you just shine out whatever you have inside of you without any effort…You are definitely a light house to nations… load yourself with the right energy. It is impossible to imprison wisdom and excellence you know, it’s also impossible for you not to recognize a mad man *shrugs* you get!

I pray every dark places in your city will be lightened with Grace. Trust the unforced rhythms of the Grace of God to make you shine, well! I need your shining anyways *selfish face*…lol



Name: Akinola Oluwatomisin

Whatsapp: 07030874475

BB Pin: 5159ac08

Twitter: @temitom

E-mail- deborahkinght90@gmail.com


Discipline…. “Pick this pick that”! OMG! She always yelled, it seems nothing is ever perfect in-fact when she is coming, you will almost lay a red carpet with red roses and white sparkling roses and make her feel as if she’s in heaven. Even when everything is perfect she always got a face of “oh this could have been done better”… and you seem to reply her of cause in your mind with a grin “do it yourself madam, see my I don’t care face…” lol. Her kitchen was another heaven on earth so to say, she always made every where seem as if different kings always visit every minute. What about waking up early in the morning, arrghh…..she wakes you up as if you are the night guard that has dozed off and needs to be cautioned… Let’s take a walk back to the kitchen “her food” it always had to be perfect and in this I loved her… who doesn’t wanna eat good food anyways, but I wondered if she also arranged the food in her stomach, …just saying… but her food sings majesty, majesty forever I am changed by your touch…whoop!..Not bragging…

I just got tired of the whole perfect kingdom, so I thought “well my dear aunty I have to leave you in your perfect world and go out to face the imperfect world which seemed to be better, well, before you turn me to a robot that has to do everything right! when i can’t”.

SO I RAN AWAY… #Selah#

It was late in the morning around 11:00am I opened my lovely eyes to the imperfect world… men… *cleans sweat* (as at then I was in the university), as I looked around the room was so rough like a dunghill OMG! I angrily started pacing all around the room like a controlled robot shouting, why is the kitchen dirty, why is the rug not clean, why? Why? Why? my roommate was so uncomfortable with my daily ranting on cleaning the house. And then suddenly I realized part of my aunty was trapped inside of me, I had already tapped out of “the annoying thing”…lol… sorry I mean “the anointing”, but with a deep realization, I found out that I got constant praise from my roommate, friends and everyone that come and they were always willing to come around due to good food and environment, where ideas can flow, I believe ideas flow in ideal places… plus you need people to grow #Selah#… so I picked something it wasn’t my aunty, it was “DISCIPLINE”… I was related to discipline permit me to say. Indiscipline in one area of your life can spill over to other areas of your life, trust me you don’t wanna live your life without discipline for too long, you will keep attracting the wrong people! It’s like a baby running for presidency in a womb, well that’s as far as he/she can go.

You see success is a fight between you and yourself, everything you go through, every school you pass through and everyone that grew you aint a mistake they are just tools used to sniff out the best in you.

I love you all and I always pray for you and believe the best in you! You are God’s signature… trust me I wanna have that tattooed all over me … Always wear the fragrance of discipline.