Discipline…. “Pick this pick that”! OMG! She always yelled, it seems nothing is ever perfect in-fact when she is coming, you will almost lay a red carpet with red roses and white sparkling roses and make her feel as if she’s in heaven. Even when everything is perfect she always got a face of “oh this could have been done better”… and you seem to reply her of cause in your mind with a grin “do it yourself madam, see my I don’t care face…” lol. Her kitchen was another heaven on earth so to say, she always made every where seem as if different kings always visit every minute. What about waking up early in the morning, arrghh…..she wakes you up as if you are the night guard that has dozed off and needs to be cautioned… Let’s take a walk back to the kitchen “her food” it always had to be perfect and in this I loved her… who doesn’t wanna eat good food anyways, but I wondered if she also arranged the food in her stomach, …just saying… but her food sings majesty, majesty forever I am changed by your touch…whoop!..Not bragging…

I just got tired of the whole perfect kingdom, so I thought “well my dear aunty I have to leave you in your perfect world and go out to face the imperfect world which seemed to be better, well, before you turn me to a robot that has to do everything right! when i can’t”.

SO I RAN AWAY… #Selah#

It was late in the morning around 11:00am I opened my lovely eyes to the imperfect world… men… *cleans sweat* (as at then I was in the university), as I looked around the room was so rough like a dunghill OMG! I angrily started pacing all around the room like a controlled robot shouting, why is the kitchen dirty, why is the rug not clean, why? Why? Why? my roommate was so uncomfortable with my daily ranting on cleaning the house. And then suddenly I realized part of my aunty was trapped inside of me, I had already tapped out of “the annoying thing”…lol… sorry I mean “the anointing”, but with a deep realization, I found out that I got constant praise from my roommate, friends and everyone that come and they were always willing to come around due to good food and environment, where ideas can flow, I believe ideas flow in ideal places… plus you need people to grow #Selah#… so I picked something it wasn’t my aunty, it was “DISCIPLINE”… I was related to discipline permit me to say. Indiscipline in one area of your life can spill over to other areas of your life, trust me you don’t wanna live your life without discipline for too long, you will keep attracting the wrong people! It’s like a baby running for presidency in a womb, well that’s as far as he/she can go.

You see success is a fight between you and yourself, everything you go through, every school you pass through and everyone that grew you aint a mistake they are just tools used to sniff out the best in you.

I love you all and I always pray for you and believe the best in you! You are God’s signature… trust me I wanna have that tattooed all over me … Always wear the fragrance of discipline.


14 thoughts on “ONE OF MY AUNTIES

  1. smartwheels says:

    This is a wonderful piece. It is a must read as it is what we lack most in this country. I feel we should photocopy this aunty and give to each home as the home is the building block for a nation. This is also a challenge to us all. What legacies are we leaving behind? We hope and pray to live long but there will come a time when we will have to leave, what will we be remembered for? What will we leave behind?

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