Mosquitoes—- Para sit at your toes…


Mosquitoes… i mean parasitoes…lol

Mosquitoes sometimes can employ you, I mean sometimes they just maintain the position of ‘HUGO BOSS’, without anyone employing them, *cleans sweat. I recently had a huge fight with some bossy and healthy looking mosquitoes; in one week I had bought different kinds of fleet to chase them, but instead of the fleet chasing them, it chases me and then I have to leave the room…lol…

So I started a therapy, don’t mind me and my mosquito story o, I’m going somewhere; so as I was saying before this same mosquitoes bit…lol, I started the therapy of closing all windows all the time, to my satisfaction, I thought to myself ‘let me see how those mosquitoes will come in, rubbish!’ *sighs… to my greatest aggrandizement, I’m sorry for the big word, but those mosquitoes threw a surprise party for me that night men… I saw them taking post all around the room, then I checked all the windows to see if they were well closed or do these mosquitoes have remote control to my windows *cleans sweat…; they were all closed, so, *surprised*… I gave up, I went to sleep with the party on and their music in my ears… of cause I woke up with their left over all over my body, I went to look for any little space that they probably come through, then I found a little space by the door, I saw one mosquito struggling to enter, I was like ‘hahan is it by force!’, but then again I got a tap on my mind, the Holy Spirit said “THAT’S HOW THE DEVIL STRUGGLES TO GET IN” Oh mine!

So he looks for an insignificant space which is of course very significant to him and pops in, he doesn’t mind the energy he spends to get in… WOW!!! And I prayed I said;

‘Lord point out the insignificant places I have left opened and give me the Grace to always keep it sealed with your Word IJN…Amen!’

There are little places in our lives we sometimes seem to neglect and we feel ‘oops! That doesn’t matter’, ‘it’s nothing’ and that’s where the enemy, claps his hands and says ‘oh that’s something!’ *in Zeus voice*… Always ask God to help you in your conscious and unconscious moment, you know why the bible said “LITTLE FOXES” and not ‘BIG FOXES’ it’s because that’s what the enemy uses to penetrate, very little, he’s not longer throat, he doesn’t need it to be big, but when he gets in, he makes it really big, so that other agents can troop in freely.

So instead of using different ‘insecticides’ to cover up or try to chase of which those things don’t last, they leave you running ‘elter skelter’ instead of the pests getting out…lol…you can use the ‘satanicide’ permit me, which of cause is prayer and then rest, but then again don’t rest! *smiles* oops! I mean don’t rest on your oars, “Don’t give the devil any opportunity [to work]” don’t give him any job opportunity, don’t even place an advert, and if you find any where he occupies you know what to do *winks* sack tinzzzzz…lol…

The Arabs have a fable to this effect and I close with it. A miller was one day startled by a camel’s nose thrust through the window of the room where he was sleeping. “It is very cold outside,” said the camel; “I only want to get my nose in.” The nose was let in, then the neck, finally the whole body. Presently the miller began to be inconvenienced at the ungainly companion he had obtained, in a room certainly not large enough for both. “If you are inconvenienced, you may leave,” said the camel; “as for myself, I shall stay where I am.” See bouncing o…lol… if one thief be in the house, he will let in the rest, because they have the same disposition and design.

It’s amazing how a thread goes through a little hole in a needle, but yet sews you a nice dress or trousers… #SELAH#


Love you as usual…

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So there’s a new drink in town that makes me think L… Orijin, at first when I saw that drink I thought they made a mistake in the spelling, I was almost laughing out loud saying oh this guys are “olodo”. That’s a unique way of saying someone is kind of dull in Yoruba…lol, but then again I realized they were deliberate about it as I scrolled through the shops selling drinks and stuff, they actually knew their “origin” oh Orijin!…

So I’m thinking, I did not just sprout up from somewhere, I mean people always say oh I come from Lagos, oh I come from Imo and all of that, like I for one I’m from Oyo state, but you see God did not have to go to Oyo state to pick out the dust and the air to make me, he did not need the Oyo atmosphere for all of that, trust me if it was that I probably don’t know how I would look like, because sincerely no states atmosphere or contents can produce You and I. all of them state of Origin is just man made, but then again God also is using it to point to the fact that we are from somewhere and in this somewhere;

  • There’s a behavioral pattern,
  • There’s a language
  • There’s a culture
  • There are your same kind too
  • There’s a way you react to things i.e. there’s a reaction.
  • There’s an action
  • There’s an attraction
  • There’s a fashion
  • There’s a direction
  • There’s a connection
  • There are instructions

Origin according to the dictionary means the point or place where something begins, arises or is derived. Even shooting stars have where they come from.

So this is a wakeup call, for you and I to be drunk in our ‘orijin’ no I mean ‘ORIGIN’ which is KINGDOM… on a daily basis, we have different factors trying to claim us as their citizens, just as ‘orijin’ is in competition with drinks like Gulder, Small stout, Star, Legend etc you name them…lol… but this is our advantage, that we are the KINGS from the Dome that determines who wins… ‘Kingdom or Worldom’ permit me.

Your charisma (people’s perception) and your true self don’t always have to recognize each other all the time, most times they come from different ‘origins.’ You are a divine project of God and therefore any move of conspiracy against you is a move against God. Appearance of things might make you to say what you should have left unsaid. Turn to God and see the reality. Things must always like I said MUST ALWAYS be viewed from the divine perspective, after all you don’t look at a wood to check yourself out, you look into a mirror. You can’t afford to be guilty by association, you just have to recognize your orijin, sorry I mean origin.

You got to believe CONSTANTLY! No break!!! The process of believing might not be so easy, you know plant generators aren’t easy to put on but when it’s on it powers the whole place…hmm… Samson believed even when there was nothing to indicate that God was with him… but did you see that building he collapsed with mere hands… *superman*. And when I mean believe; the factors around you including the world you live in, has to believe in your belief. That’s how constant it should be. See, those things need constant reminder that you are not from their world; you need to set the alarm every minute in their ears that you are not from here! You are not of this world but you are in it to change it ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ of the ‘Earth’…lol…


So when the Bible says put on the whole armor, not half of it because you could easily get stripped off and when you’re trying to put on the one that fell off, you will be struck again *smile*… not you though!

So in conclusion, your calling has a behavioral pattern i.e. it has an attitude and this can only be known when you are ‘Orijinal sorry Original’…


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