pic_gaza_hungry_boyTHE HOUSE GIRL…

I have to get these done before madam comes or else she won’t pay me. She rolled me down the staircase because I had mistakenly slept off, not hearing the horn by the gate; it took a while to open the gate. She had been there like 5minutes, that’s a while to her *cleans tears*, it took me 3 weeks to get my beauty back, because I had a swollen head like an abnormally.

90% of the time she would scrape off all the food in the kitchen leaving nothing for me to eat, I had to sneak food from neighbors before she comes and I would lock myself up in the room at night to eat. I can remember her giving me several resounding slaps that echoed when she heard me giggle at something and it wasn’t even about her, my joy was so limited in that house. You know what’s funny she said to me “I had someone who wanted to marry me and he was well to do…” I had to stop her for a minute; Wait! Take a chill pill, ‘you thought it was me right?’ I thought so myself *sighs*cleans sweat*…lol.

So back to the story I had to stop her for a minute I mean “why do you have to struggle just to get money when you have someone who wants to marry you and he’s been begging, well to do and all of that”… anyway he’s happily married now… so the struggle continues for her… Actually, the person I was STAYING WITH is the person she was HELPING and I wasn’t going through half of what she was going through. I saw her sometime last year and she was… *cleans sweat* you can guess the rest of the story…

You see, when we try to HELP God, we struggle! You don’t try to HELP GOD, YOU STAY WITH HIM! Just using this story as an illustration to let us know that, there are some areas in our lives that we sometimes experience some struggle. It’s because we don’t usually allow God to gently bring us out, we want it quickly! Now! So we try to help God by looking for means and then we struggle so it seems God is not interested, but the last time I checked we don’t have an autocratic relationship with God, so he’s not going to throw himself at us forcefully.

He has given us ‘Peace for the Process’ which gently allows us go through while he works on it “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you”. This occurs to me as; Look I’m leaving you at peace avenue, but then again I’m not just leaving you at that location, I’m also giving you “My Peace”, you own it now. So that should in case you leave that location and trouble comes, because I know you human beings like to walk around a lot even when I’m not leading you…lol… but well you still have peace, My peace. Your emotional state is very critical to achieving your goals; you just want to leave it in ‘peace house’ and not allow the temporary to work you up.

God’s word is for sure!, what he has said concerning us is definitely going to come to fruition if we believe, but there’s a process to get to the eventual success; it’s the process the devil likes to fiddle with, he knows he can’t mess with the promises, so he tries to mess with the process to get you all worked up and blindfolds you so when you get ‘THERE’ you don’t even recognize its ‘THERE’, then you mess it up. Not You though! *sigh of relief*…lol… but God is smarter he gave us ‘Peace for the Process’. Peace leaves the devil confused, he becomes so confused that he won’t be able to handle the process … sometimes I feel the devil will secretly like to give his life back to God….*rotfl* because men!, he always looses…that was just on a lighter mood.

You go to the Spa and all but I get my SPA from His Peace, and when I mean SPA, I mean; Strength, Power and Authority. *winks* keeps me on a joyful tone as much as possible.


Not having peace, or maintaining your joy level is a conscious romance with destruction. So you wanna greet the unseen with a cheer, smile always. Don’t keep a long face; people who keep long faces have a long way to go…lol… Always pray for the peace of God in your heart and concerning any situation, and ask God to detach you from the realm of unnecessary sensitivity to your feelings except of cause you wanna be ‘THE HOUSE GIRL’…lol




Love you always

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