And God said, it was not good for man to be alone so he created YOU! But somewhere along the line someone changed your perspective, shifted your view!

Like Eve you listened to the wrong voice and took a huge tasty bite of deception, now your stomach is upset because your spirit won’t digest it

No longer the woman that walks in the confidence of ultimate artistic design. Submit your name change, we’ll call you compromise…

This is what happens when the gospel is according to whoever is at the top of your playlist and the media has become your bible, searching scriptures of magazines to be told who you are.


But you are not her and she’s not you, because we are called to so much more than make-up, hair, clothes and shoes and dropping it like it’s hot (even, if we are able to)

We are women of a different AGE, 31 to be exact! We are content we are not looking like anyone else because we know our differences are not a reason to be jealous, but Gods finger print.

We don’t run around talking about how there are no good men, we know if we apply half as much effort on the inside as we do on the out we will stop drawing the wrong attention. Slow to speak, quick to listen, receiving intervention from a higher dimension, seeking purpose, watching our God given vision come to fruition

Never forgetting that we have been forgiven much so we eat we live, we breath, we give and we even sweat LOVE! Always ready to hear from the woman with silver hair (the wise), seeds have been sown and their wisdom saturates our soul clipping our dead ends for growth

You find us in our community, always promoting unity, using our gifts and talents as an all glory to God opportunity, wake up in the morning with a grind for the Most High on our mind, constantly been refined to be the exact of our architects design

So we have no hearts, so here’s the answer before the question, any man who wants our heart will go to Christ knowing it’s in His possession

Yes we are beautiful and prayerful in the kitchen of Grace, pregnant with purpose, baking a praise, Jesus is whom we crave awaiting to come to full terms so we can deliver back to what has been deposited, knowing good and well that one day, we will all be audited, mercy gives us second chance, so we aint going to receive it with ‘hard to get’…

We needed an intervention Christ came to do us prevention, on the cross he was stretched and fully extended, and we…were given an extension, hear me ‘an extension’ I know you are reading this but, hear me! Because this price was worth far more than your finest Indian remi

I know we can change the things we don’t like all for a simple cost, but Botox, lipo and implants aint got nothing on what was accomplished on that cross, because you can’t implant in yourself a new spirit or lipo suck away your sin, you can’t lap bend your addictions and you can’t Botox away your depression, WE ALL NEED HIM! It’s time to change your AGE, 31 to be exact don’t be afraid of what’s abstract, let the spirit of God be what attracts



REF: please read proverbs 31 (MSG)

So proverbs had to end with quality of a woman because if a man gets all the wisdom and understanding in the world and gets the wrong wife, he’s preparing to live the wrong life, for the ladies, if you want your life to be proverbial, I mean every of your actions spitting out wisdom it’s all summed up for you in there. You contain all the 31 chapters of proverbs, a walking proverb… hahaha… *smile*


Name: Akinola Oluwatomisin

Whatsapp: 07030874475

BB Pin: 5159ac08

Twitter: @temitom

E-mail- deborahknight90@gmail.com




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