… Excuse Me Can I Have This Dance With You Please…


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Have you ever thought of “two becoming one” differently, I mean really differently! Not talking of the just concluded male turn female thing, lol…

Not also saying the main pattern of thought is not right, of course, I mean who can handle all that single crap! Ok so, back to the school of thought…

It’s not like you and your hubby will enter into each other and be both sexes… you know… sometimes I wish it could happen especially during the “women thing”, so they can understand how it feels, if it does happen, trust me you will see one body and two voices on the streets, of course with the males voice on the high screaming ‘please get me outta here!’… Lol… that’s by the way…

You know honestly we can’t be one in that terms… but here is something that keeps ‘toasting’ my attention…

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