Yaay! It’s weekend, phew what a long week, now I have time for God… Yeah we don’t have to say it but yeah our reactions helps… Im not innocent either…lol…but let me hit the nail on the head we sometimes love the world too much and the empty applause it gives us, so we give our leftover affections back to God.

You know how we go through some experiences, pains, heartbreaks and unpalatable stuff, and after it all, we exclaim “oh God” with tears and hurt like He was involved in the first place “left overs”…
There’s something about leftovers, the nutrients have been sucked out, you see I wonder how God feels when we do that, i mean when we have to give Him our leftover affections, well but He’s God yeah…but come to think of it, even we as humans usually give leftovers to our dogs we refuse to eat it seeing it as inferior…
Sometimes after the whole ” busy week ” we go for general service in church lift up holy hands and worship which is totally cool, but uncool when its a leftover, its a leftover when we actually never worshipped or thanked Him enough in private, its leftover when we catch ourselves rushing to pray God off cos you have some important appointment ‘He gave you’…*smile


See I want to wake up every morning and give Him the major part of the strength of the day by just talking with Him, I don’t want to come home with tired bones and emotions, with a broken relationship between my flesh and my spirit and sound like a broken record and just say hi to Him and bang the door to my dream world…


“Here’s what happens when you actually sit down to get to know a person better from time to time you actually meet them. You figure out if they’re real. The veil drops. You learn about them. If you are smart, you ask questions. You can approach God with the same mindset of a journalist He’d rather you dig for the details than take his sound bites and run.”
My conclusion is leftovers are usually for dogs and God takes you and i more seriously than that, so I ain’t ready to give Him fried rice without chicken *winks… & I aint ready to give Him anything that doesn’t have life!
You know what, even if you warm the leftovers its not always like the initial. Always give God your initial emotions, your initial strength as you wake, your initial everything same goes with tithe *winks… You know how our initials (name) can introduce or describe us, yeah same applies to who we give our initials to it defines the next and it defines us…
Ok Akela, you and this God, yeah I know right but I’m sorry there is God… Hehe…and He’s really bigger than us! And his word is full of marvelous pages of punch me in the face with your goodness… #selah


I Love You All!

Akinola Oluwatomisin
Fb: Akinola Tomi
Twitter: @temitom
Instagram: akelar
WhatsApp: 07030874475
Bbm: 58AAB9F2


4 thoughts on “LEFTOVERS…

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  2. Ola says:

    How easily, because of cares of this life deviate from the path. All the same, thanks to HIM for His mercies and graciousness.

    Thanks for sharing

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