Take A Selfie When You Are Sad!!!


I know it sounds funny “take a selfie when you are sad” really why do people take selfies… But the way we folks make selfie sound like its better than other types of pictures…

Recently I felt so bad because of someone’s reaction, and I sat all morning, pacing here and there like some traffic warder looking for who to just waylay, trust me my mind was the most over populated at that hour… Lots of thoughts running through my analytical mind… And then I sat just wondering, pondering…I prayed this morning I worshipped infact I read the bible I thought the spiritual controls the physical, oh yes it does but sometimes we feed our physical to be so stronger than our spiritual… Oh my God, I’ve spoilt this baby physical… Then I sat still like a fixed mirror reflecting then I heard “take a selfie when you are sad” *looks round* hahaha should I roll on the floor or what who does that I mean who said that I stared at my phone and started typing this, wondering why a sad face can produce a beautiful countenance in a selfie….

So I took the selfie…


And I took about two and the rest I was staring at selfie camera trying to give a beautiful look, then I smiled which is my trademark of cos . lol. I noticed something on my tooth oh my God it wasn’t as white as before now I will have to go through the stress of Photoshop… Lol…but what’s the point I just didn’t….hmmm just then I realized how most often than not, we do not appraise ourselves(take a selfie) when we are hurt… We rather take a portrait of the other and design it to be beautifully painful…we  loose energy, focus and sight, wow that’s a lot of “money” to loose… It’s like taking a picture of the hurt and using Photoshop all day just to make it attractive to all that hears… Loosing sight of ourselves cos for you to take a good picture of something or someone the focus has to be concentrated on that subject…
This is what I brought out, why not try it the other way round when you are hurt take a selfie, I mean be a bit selfish, whatever or whoever caused it abandon it deliberately like we poo in the loo… And focus on how a strong beauty can emanate from inside you really…
I’m not saying don’t address the issue, oh yes address the issue not necessarily the person or thing cos addressing the subject (person or thing) doesn’t mean it’s solved, addressing the issue from inside most times is the answer… It changes your action and reaction… Ok so picture this, i hit my toes against a chair (whew quite painful) do I start screaming at the chair (which I sarcastically do sometimes…. Lol)… No but this is how we address some of our issues and we wonder why doesn’t it get  solved…
So I have started taking deliberate steps to care for my teeth generally, see…. if I didn’t take that selfie how would I have seen it… So look for how every situation will make you beautiful… selfish selfie at times like that ain’t bad…


I know people including yourself will want to make you feel hurt yeah I know right but this is it, don’t let them appear in this particular selfie… Make sure all you do when your sad or hurt is what will make the devil sad and hurt…
There’s a saying “don’t make decisions when you are mad” mine is make a decision when you are sad, a decision to be happy… Really cos that’s what God wants for you…



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