I’m Tired of Calling You God…

Hello God it’s me…


Most times I honestly just feel like “hello God it’s me”… With a resounding micro phone that never stops echoing… And the angels while singing “what an holy God” say “what da ‘holinoise’ is that”… Ama reply with ” oh yeah, the ‘holinoise’ is that i seek the attention of His Holiness” *cleans sweat* I’ve been calling!  Dramatic right?!

But tell me don’t you just feel that way most times, don’t you just want to form a smurfy sad face and look God in the face and say “hey I’ve been calling…You know that right” “I’m tired of calling You God”…


                But Wait!

There’s something more amazing…


He’s actually been waiting and calling… Not loud enough? Let me tell you why…

We all have dreams and ideas in our minds of how life should be and it keeps playing so loud in our minds and everything affirms the sanity of those thoughts, that we can’t seem to hear any other thing!
Ok stop!
If we can just drop all of that, all the fantasies… Sweep your mind clear of the creations the Creator didn’t put there and there you will find what exactly has been missing…

Sometimes, we think God is some cruel scientist who has hid our cheese at the end of a maze. We think God is withholding until we learn “x” amount of lessons. We think he will eventually have good for us or hear us when we finally get our stuff together. We think that, we think this, and we just keep thinking and assuming until our thoughts becomes louder than our voices and in our heads we think we’ve been calling God but we’ve been talking gibberish cos we can’t even hear How we call Him…Or what we actually say when we call Him… And we don’t hear when He answers…

It’s ok to feel sad even sunshine, the gladdest thing in creation is sad sometimes… *smiles

I know following God is not a romantic comedy. It’s a lifelong dedication. It’s, as Eugene Peterson puts it, “ a long obedience in the same direction.”
God isn’t the one you meet in the drive-thru, he wants to meet you at the table and teach you how to make real meals.
And on this table God just wants you and Him to have this conversation, your thoughts have been intruding all along, it’s time to bid them farewell stay calm and listen.

When it came to talking with God, I wanted to believe he was like those stars. If I looked, he’d be there. I’d lost a lot of things in the years that led up to this point – shoes and keys and books and boyfriends name it, but I never lost that hope.
The only thoughts you should welcome are thoughts from Him…
If they are not from Him  don’t think it!  don’t entertain it!


I mean i don’t want to say hello from the other side… (Of my thoughts)
I want to say hello on the same side, by His side- with Him…
I don’t want to call a thousand times… I want to call him everytime and hear Him even much more…
And when I do call He’s always home… Always
And when You call He’s always Home… Always… Be patient with Him, He is with you… *smiles



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