I’m Tired of Calling You God…

Hello God it’s me…


Most times I honestly just feel like “hello God it’s me”… With a resounding micro phone that never stops echoing… And the angels while singing “what an holy God” say “what da ‘holinoise’ is that”… Ama reply with ” oh yeah, the ‘holinoise’ is that i seek the attention of His Holiness” *cleans sweat* I’ve been calling!  Dramatic right?!

But tell me don’t you just feel that way most times, don’t you just want to form a smurfy sad face and look God in the face and say “hey I’ve been calling…You know that right” “I’m tired of calling You God”…


                But Wait!

There’s something more amazing…


He’s actually been waiting and calling… Not loud enough? Let me tell you why…

We all have dreams and ideas in our minds of how life should be and it keeps playing so loud in our minds and everything affirms the sanity of those thoughts, that we can’t seem to hear any other thing!
Ok stop!
If we can just drop all of that, all the fantasies… Sweep your mind clear of the creations the Creator didn’t put there and there you will find what exactly has been missing…

Sometimes, we think God is some cruel scientist who has hid our cheese at the end of a maze. We think God is withholding until we learn “x” amount of lessons. We think he will eventually have good for us or hear us when we finally get our stuff together. We think that, we think this, and we just keep thinking and assuming until our thoughts becomes louder than our voices and in our heads we think we’ve been calling God but we’ve been talking gibberish cos we can’t even hear How we call Him…Or what we actually say when we call Him… And we don’t hear when He answers…

It’s ok to feel sad even sunshine, the gladdest thing in creation is sad sometimes… *smiles

I know following God is not a romantic comedy. It’s a lifelong dedication. It’s, as Eugene Peterson puts it, “ a long obedience in the same direction.”
God isn’t the one you meet in the drive-thru, he wants to meet you at the table and teach you how to make real meals.
And on this table God just wants you and Him to have this conversation, your thoughts have been intruding all along, it’s time to bid them farewell stay calm and listen.

When it came to talking with God, I wanted to believe he was like those stars. If I looked, he’d be there. I’d lost a lot of things in the years that led up to this point – shoes and keys and books and boyfriends name it, but I never lost that hope.
The only thoughts you should welcome are thoughts from Him…
If they are not from Him  don’t think it!  don’t entertain it!


I mean i don’t want to say hello from the other side… (Of my thoughts)
I want to say hello on the same side, by His side- with Him…
I don’t want to call a thousand times… I want to call him everytime and hear Him even much more…
And when I do call He’s always home… Always
And when You call He’s always Home… Always… Be patient with Him, He is with you… *smiles



I know Right…

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Ma ko lu mi (Don’t hit me)…


Hello everyone! My God I missed you all!!! It’s been a great privilege having to write to people that are distant from me, it helps me feel closer!
Bonne anée!… Happy new year!!!


You will ask what have you been up to girl?!
Well, I’ve been studying languages since last year, especially french and that’s because of you! It’s been quite interesting though! So let me quickly share an experience I had a long time ago!!! I should have written it since! Yeah I know right! *grins…don’t mind me…


Ok, so language! what’s the point of language if it causes so much confusion, the one power that we have to express ourselves, even our Spirit has a language, everything we possess speaks,  yet you don’t find such confusion in mute animals who have the challenge of language and are only limited to sign language,(but those cartoons tell us they talk, I really wanna speak with one!*sob*sob)lol… but they do know how to live an organized life! If u doubt me watch Animal planet…
So many languages that when translated to English, they all mean thesame thing!… God gave us, if you can remember, we were about to invade heaven *ROTFL* but God didn’t even bother He gave us languages that at first we were trying to figure out but now we can, to some extent there are people that are vast in like Five languages at least, mine is 3 English, yoruba and french I know it’s small, dont laugh at me though….but we just sometimes don’t harness it, that proverbs had to tell us to learn from the ants *tears*… Cant they just learn from us! *kidding



But we have combinations
Enough to build kingdom organizations
For heavenly manifestations
Yet our addictions
Has affected our reactions
We can’t differentiate between calculations
And assumptions
And we don’t understand consolations
And connections

Hahaha I was almost going to use the whole alphabets, I almost got you there right!, lol…maybe we should start speaking rhymes like the days of Hamlet…so ye all will learn to listen and use language appropriately for thy interest…lol..
This brings me to the experience which is my topic for today “ma ko lu mi” a Yoruba language phrase…
Be blessed…


So this driver in my bus kept saying to the driver of another bus “ma ko lu mi” a Yoruba statement in Nigeria meaning “don’t hit me”, I was wondering why he kept saying it, he could have just said  “ma ko lu motor mi” i.e. don’t hit my bus or something close to that you know,  cos it’s not him in particular that was going to be hit, it’s the bus, so somehow, he accepted he is the bus, because he was the one in control….hmmm….he maneuvered later.


But something struck me there; that languages are deep, we listen on the surface a lot of the time… That’s why it seems like we don’t think, I believe everyone can be brilliant, we just need to pay attention to this gift of language! Every subject carries a language!

Immediately this reminded me of how our spirit lives in our body and how we can control our body “flesh” and be like “ma ko lu mi please” when anything comes close to the flesh that will affect the spirit man! Language made me realize that we have control from the inside! Oh! My God!

God can’t assemble our bodies with a spirit we don’t understand or that doesn’t speak… Ce n’est pas possible! It’s not possible I mean!…

I know I’m always prone to end up sounding “Godly”, but where else, because I’ve lost a lot by not listening to the language on my inside and gained a lot more by listening to the language on my inside! Which is the language of the Spirit!


The point is, like my friend will always say in every statement! Haha…. My God he just always has a point… (Mr Ayo, the annointed minstrel!)….lol…
So the point is, listen to the language of the Spirit you carry on the inside of you! You just can’t fail!

I love you all back to back!!!!

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Happy Birthday Mum…


Really I think there are no orphans when I think of them.

Pastor Modele…
Really I think she is a complete woman (complete sports can’t compare..hehe),
Really I think there’s so much to live for when I listen to her words,
Really I think I can be that exceptional when I study her poise,
Really I think she has given me everything to make me think, no! not to make me think, to make me KNOW! Yes KNOW is the right word… To make me KNOW that, I’m a revelation of God on earth…

She taught me;
That i can’t stand on my ground if I don’t know my ground and what is my ground?? The word of God!!! She just unleashes the word as she breathes…

She taught me;
To keep my mouth ready to speak right. To have the word life style,
To talk blessing to live blessing…

She taught me;
That when my life looses its posture of it’s dependence on God I’ll have nothing to say.

When I look at her, I hear the deep calling unto me…
She’s a portrait of Grace…
She gives me secret stash of happy pills when I listen to her…
If Godly, Beautiful, Awesome, Class, Excellence is not in the dictionary, don’t look too far… She portrays the depth of each word!!!


And the love she sprays lavishly on people… What an expensive experience!!!


I celebrate you Mother, I have so much to write, but before I begin to write all the languages together let me stop here…

Pastor Mrs Modele Fatoyinbo… Happy birthday Mum!!!


And I can’t fail to celebrate The Father I found in Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, every man can be a dad or called father but not every man has a true fatherly heart… Let me not start if not you’ll stay Glued!!!


Wanna enjoy this experience too, just a click away: http://cozairadio.com or http://cozanigeria.tv and of cos You can hook up with our most amiable Pastors , Pastor Albert Oyewole Soetan, and Pastor Folarin Ogunsola on Facebook Coza ilorin and Coza Lagos… No place feels better than home…
You can always be blessed everyday…

Thanks for reading…
Love you all…!!!

When Nothing Is Something…




                             IS SOMETHING…

Wanted so desperately to write something yesterday. Some kind of words of wisdom. Something to sound really smart. Something profound.

You know what I got? Nothing. Well maybe not nothing, I got a headache. But other than that, I got nothing.

I kinda had an eventful day. Shared it with God. Was hoping to be inspired. Yeah, nothing.

Maybe the lesson is in the silence. I mean it has to be right? Sometimes I like to just sit.

You know who’s really hard to sit with? My lovely sweetheart Chide!


I am telling you, this child can spin. She never stops. Ever. She’s like  the only extrovert in a house full of introverts. 
Don’t worry I’ve not given birth *tongue out*

There are days were I long for her to hush, to slow down. I mean, she moves so quickly, she has a vacuum that follows her sucking everything up in her path. She’s just awesome and I love her!

Maybe yesterday I had a vacuum and God was just letting me spin. There was no need for Him to get sucked up into my craziness.

Maybe my deal wasn’t such a big deal and I needed to figure that out for myself.

Or maybe His wisdom comes in His time. I’m pretty sure it was the combination of both. His timing is prefect and we often need to be still.

Still, to become aware of his presence. Still, to hear his whispers.

I sometimes try to whisper in my noisy house when my friends are around me, and everyone is trying to be heard. They get quiet. Some even tell the others to stop so they can hear what I’m saying. I highly doubt God tries to yell above the crowd.

I do find peace when I’m still, with God. He has a way of turning the world off. Of quieting the voices in my head. Bringing clarity to what is really going on.

It’s actually my favorite place to be. I am able to stop being daughter, stop being a lover and especially stop being the friend. I can be the daughter of the King. And you know, daughters of kings, live and act differently than the rest of us.

They are not bothered by much. Their daddy’s handle the drama. The only drama they handle, is the drama they bring. (You and I know we bring dramas right! Loool…)

Sometimes I need to sit with my Father and sort out all the drama. What’s mine that I’m bringing and what’s His to handle.

Yesterday could definitely qualify as a drama day. And I did need the day to stop and sort out what I was bringing to the table and how to handle what I wasn’t.

Huh…look there; perfect timing.

The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. – Lamentations 3:25-26

Jesus answered him, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.” – John 13:7


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